Coffee Beans & Equipment

Each cup of coffee we serve consists of the work and passion in coffee from our team. from Pokka Café offer each cup of fine coffee behind the implication of our dedication and love of coffee. Purchasing teams travel around the world to find different coffee grounds, bring the finest coffee beans back to Hong Kong, and bake, grind and prepare fresh baked goods by a professional coffee baker every day.

Our barista is dedicated to understand the characteristics of each coffee bean and use different brewing process to have desirable extraction of the beans and serve you the unique and perfect cup of specialty coffee.


Blue Mountain No.1
Origin: Jamaica in Caribbean Sea


Altitude: 2500 – 4500 metres

Remarks: Starting from its first appearance in the 18th century, the quality Blue Mountain coffee has been the tributes to the European royal families, only the nobles had the chance of enjoying it !

Since 1950s, the Jamaican government regulated that only certain plantations on the Blue Mountain ridge could be categorized as “Blue Mountain Coffee”, while all other coffee productions could only be termed as “High Mountain Supreme” or “Jamaica Prime”, etc.  And the Blue Mountain Coffee is further classified into 5 grades; those classified as Blue Mountain No. 1 must be the best beans of size 6.75-7 mm with less than 2% of the beans may have significant defects !

The annual production of Blue Mountain No. 1 is very scarce and 95% of which has been monopolized by the Japanese, leaving an even much smaller quantity for the rest of the world.

Characteristics:  A Blue Mountain No. 1 has its distinctively rich taste and aroma. It has a milder flavor which is less bitter yet a little sweet, giving it that smooth, clean taste.  Sometimes, one can even feel the pleasant taste of milk-chocolate, hazelnuts and aroma of figs.  The after-taste is long and lingering.

indonesiaIndonesian Kopi Luwak
Origin: Indonesia


Altitude: 2000 metrse

Remarks: Because of its specialty and rarity, Kopi Luwak has become the most expensive coffee in the world.

Wild Asian Palm Civets in Indonesia will pick and eat the most ripened and sweetest cherries from the coffee trees.  The civet eats the berries for the beans’ fleshy pulp, then in the digestive tract, fermentation occurs, with some enzymes seeping into the beans, chemically changing some of the protein compositions, and then defecated without fully digested. 

Characteristics: The beans,picked up by the coffee farmers and washed thoroughly, do not have the normal bitterness of coffee, but instead added a special aroma like honey as well as the sweetness of chocolate.


Origin: Ethiopia, Africa


Altitude: 1600 – 2400 metres

Remarks: This top-grade organic Sidamo coffee, an Arabica origin, is grown in the South-Western province of Sidamo in Ethiopia. Medium bean size, greenish grey in colour, these coffee beans are known and loved for their uniquefloralflavor.

Characteristics: A mild spicy kick and a wine-like essence that finishes with a floral aroma, this clean tasting coffee glides over your palate with an almost sweet aftertaste, and is thus referred to as “The Sweet Coffee”.Most suitable for light to medium roasting.  Is one of the best gourmet coffees in the world. 

Hawaiian Kona
Origin: Kona Districts of Big Island of Hawaii


Altitude: 1200 – 1800 metres

Remarks: Kona is sometimes referred to as “Queen of Coffee” as against Blue Mountain No. 1 being the “King of Coffee”.  Only those produces from the Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii can be termed Kona Coffee.  It can be further classified into 2 types of Kona Coffee :“Kona Type I” can be further classified into “Kona Extra Fancy”, “Kona Fancy”, “Kona No. 1”, etc.

Characteristics: Hawaiian Kona is a superb gourmet coffee with excellent quality, its soft and mild body matches completely with its distinctive aroma.  The slight sweet taste carries the pleasant sourness of wine making it a very special taste.

Yirgacheffe Grade
Origin: Ethiopia, Africa


Altitude: 1600 – 2400 metres

Remarks:  Similar to Sidamo, Yergacheffe is also an Arabica variety grown in the Sidamo province of Ehtiopia.  Medium bean size with a longer body, this coffee also has a greenish grey colour, well known for its exceptionally vibrant aftertaste that will often exhibit notes of wine or berry.

Characteristics: Coffee connoisseurs appreciate not only the renown delicate orange blossom fragrance but also its sweet and elegantfinish.  Often it will exhibit tones of toasted coconut too.  Most suitable for medium to dark roasting.  Together with Sidamo, Yergacheffe has been graded one of the best gourmet coffees in the world.


Sumatra Peaberry
Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia


Altitude: 1000 – 1800 metres

Remarks: Normally, coffee beans grow in pairs, so the beans will have one side round and another flat.  But for those beans growing at the tip of a branch, only 1 bean will be fertilized and matured, growing into the space left over by the withering counterpart.  There are only 2-5% of all coffee beans harvested are of this bigger and rounder form.

Characteristics: The Sumatra Peaberry has a clear greenish colour, full and bulging form, and a strong and delicate taste; still exhibit the normal coffee bitterness but without any astringent taste.  The light sourness and lasting sweetness will flourish with time.


Origin: Tanzania, East Africa


Altitude: 1150 – 1500 metres

Remarks: Most Tanzania coffee plantations gather at the foot of Kilimanjaro Mountain abundant with fertile volcanic soil.  The Tanzanian coffee is more acidic, and almost aggressive flavourful compared to beans of other origins, together with the nutty, chocolate and fruity aroma, the coffee tastes vibrantly in the mouth with a long aftertaste.

Characteristics: Amongst the fresh, natural citrus taste are the complicated fragrances of rose, oranges and berries.  The powerful taste implies a full body with multi-level of richness, and the solid sweetness of caramel.

Origin:  Honduras, Central America


Altitude: 700 – 1000 metres

Remarks: There are all the good conditions in Honduras required for growing high quality coffees : soil, altitude, climate, and increasing better-trained farmers.  The quality of its coffee beans has already reached the gourmet coffee grade and is arousing the attention of world coffee lovers.

Characteristics: Honduras is less sour and less astringent, suitably mellow and aromatic.  The sweetness lasts on the palate throughout the long aftertaste.

colombiaColombian Excelso
Origin: Colombia, South America


Altitude: 1000 – 2000 metres

Remarks: Colombia is the third largest coffee producer in the world, right after Brazil and Vietnam, and is one of the largest gourmet coffee exporters in the world.  Excelso refers to the large size of the coffee beans while the coffee beans also have good quality; its balanced and good body and suitable acidity has equated Colombian coffee with “Good” coffee.

Characteristics: Balanced, good body, mild acidity, with soft sweetness, giving good and long lasting aftertaste.

Sumatra Mandheling
Origin: Indonesia


Altitude: 700 – 1500 metres

Remarks: Growing in the highlands of the Indonesian island, the Mendhling beans are considered to be amongst the finest of Sumatra, and one of the most-sought after coffee in the world.  Before the introduction of the Jamaica Blue Mountain, Mendhling was once considered the best coffee in the world.  Its special, honey-like smooth and rich texture with an earthy and chocolate flavor is still loved by many coffee lovers.

Characteristics: Smooth, full-body with a sweet and mild acidity, the aftertaste keeps changing subtly.

Origin: Guatemala, Central America


Altitude: 1300 – 1800 metres

Remarks: Grown above the 1500-metre highlands, the choicest Strictly Hard Beans (SHB) here in Guatemala is obviously one of the best coffees in the world, nicknamed the “Crown Jewel of Central America”.  Fertile volcanic soil yields this tender, mellow, fruity flavor, rich and perfect harmonization.  The subtle smoky taste adds to its ancient and mysterious background.

Characteristics: Rich and balanced scents, strong and elegant flavor, with the sweet subtleness of cocoa toffee taste, releasing the soft fragrance of ferula, making the coffee more refreshing and energizing.

flag-brazilBrazil Santos)
Origin:  Brazil, South America


Altitude: 800 – 1800 metres

Remarks: The name Brazil Santos refers to Port of Santos in Brazil where coffee passes through here and exported to the world, and is regarded as higher quality than “Brazilian coffee”.  It is smooth and pleasant with fruity taste, medium body and mild flavor.  Sometimes there are even scents of dates and nuts, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Characteristics: Sweet, smooth and silky, with a fresh, brisk acidity; full of soft and fresh citrus fragrance, and without the astringent taste.

 Mocha Harra
Origin: Ethiopia, Africa


Altitude: 1300 – 2000 metres

Remarks: Growing in the region of Harrar in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia, it is one of the oldest coffee beans still produced.  The bean is medium size, with a greenish yellowish colour.  It has medium acidity and full body, a strong floral fragrance and a distinctive mocha flavor.

Characteristics: Soft medium acidity with a relaxing peach fragrance, sometimes referred as “Wild Coffee”.  Best with medium to dark roasting.

Coffee Equipment

We are dedicated to source a wide range of premium and durable coffee equipment and accessories for you to enjoy a perfect cup of specialty coffee at anytime, anywhere.。

Wilfa SVART Presisjon Automatic Coffee Brewer

Developed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe, influential and highly awarded barista
  • Designated coffee machine for Norwegian Coffee Cupping Competition
Brew 10 cups of perfect coffee in 8 mins only
  • Warm up the coffee with temperature 94-96oC automatically
Press one button to brew the perfect cup of coffee automatically
  • 1-year hardware warranty

Wilfa SVART Pour Over

Black, perfectly brewed, filter coffee contains an array of detail, taste variations and nuances.
Baristas and coffee enthusiasts have, over the last few years, developed a love for pour over brewed coffee. Pour over brewing provides you with full control of the brewing process and with the right equipment anyone can master the art of brewing exquisite coffee. Wilfa SVART Pour Over coffee brewer is that equipment.