Cakes & Bakery


Every piece of cake and cookie is designed and directed by our Japanese sous chef, who sets the standard in quality, art and creativity. Not only adoption of quality ingredients imported from France & Belgium, our unconventional cake and cookies with variety of flavours always bring surprise and impressive taste enjoyment, which match perfectly with our home-roasted specialty coffee.


Home-made cookies with many innovative flavours will be the best gift for your family and friends, which is always a perfect match with our freshly roasted specialty coffee.

Boletus edulis


Blended with pure olive oil from Italy, fully exploiting the extraordinary scent of the finest French Boletus edulis, this cookie is dangerously addictive.

Double Chocolate 


Mixed with 60% and 66% dark chocolate and high quality cocoa powder extracted from natural French cocoa bean, the rich layers of sweet taste make this cookie your favorite.

Crispy Bacon


Different from the traditional sweet taste, this cookie is an innovative discovery. American bacon is added to create the crispiest texture, definitely an unexpected surprise.

Green Tea


With premium Japanese Green Tea, this cookie is baked at a low temperature to retain the natural color and unique aroma. It is like a whiff of fresh breeze absolutely irresistible.



On the basis of Japanese fresh wasabi, American cheese is added to bring out the outstanding, pleasant but not irritating aroma. You will never get enough of it.



Enjoy both the fragrance of butter and the crispy nuts in just one bite. This combination gives this cookie a complex flavor which will certainly become your favorite snack.



Highlighting your moment of delight with delicately prepared natural raisins, a refreshing sweet taste you cannot miss.



All about your childhood memories, a crispy outer layer with chewy texture inside like the Chinese traditional baked Pork Cake. It is so unique and of great surprise.

Sweet Rice Flour


Baked with premium Japanese sweet rice flour, fully displays the distinctive aroma and the crunchy texture. All you want to get is more.



With the exclusive baking technique, the blooming fragrance of the rich and finest aroma of French butter gives the most gorgeous and stunning experience. You deserve the bes.